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Our Mission

Image of engineer looking through microscope in the 3d biofibr lab
3D BioFibR’s vision is to become a global leader in the production of nature’s strongest, lightest and toughest materials that approximate the performance characteristics of naturally occurring biofibers at a scale and cost viable to solving the engineering challenges of today.

A key milestone for our initial seed funding is the transition from a paddle drawn process to a continuous filament production line. In parallel to solving this challenge, 3D BioFibR is developing products for 3D tissue cultures and collagen tendons for biomedical research, while seeking partnerships to access the regulated medical market opportunities in tissue engineering and advanced sutures.

Market Development Strategy

  • $300–$500M

Existing Process

(Paddle production)

– 3D tissue culture

– Air filtration opportunities

  • $1B+

Continuous Filament

(spooled thread)

Tissue engineering advanced structures:

– i.e. Braided collagen-based tubes for vascular grafts

Regulated products:

– Wound care and tissue engineering in humans

– Artificial tendons

– Suture market

  • $5B+


(spooled thread)

Green fashion & textile:

– Requires high volume and medium level of quality control

– Sustainable fibers providing an eco-friendly alternative to cotton (i.e. Spider silk, chitin)

  • $5B+

Scalability & QA/QC

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– Requires high volume and high level of quality control

– Potential for large influx of non-dilutive funding

Upon tackling of initial challenges of transitioning to spin line production of our fibers, the Company’s focus will move to scale and quality control processes. Success in these areas will drive partnership opportunities in additional market segments such as the green textile industry, and bio-composite development for aerospace and defense. Initial data generated from spider silk is encouraging and available under a CDA to interested parties.

The Company incorporated in July 2020 and in August 2020, moved into its new lab space at the Innovacorp Incubator in downtown Halifax to expand operations. Seed funding will be used to advance production scale-up, partnering/outreach as well as POC product development of biomedical applications of the technology.